Insider’s Guide To Internet Situs Judi Slot Gambling

Situs Judi Slot

There was a time when a new book on Situs Judi Slot gambling was something of an event, but today a new book on the subject can sit around a while before being noticed. Such has been the case with John G. Brokopp’s Insider’s Guide To Internet Gambling (Bonus Books Inc., 2001).

Nothing against this particular book but with dozens of web sites, magazines, books, television shows, and newspaper articles making hash out of the same old information it’s hard to get excited about yet another offering of it.

Brokopp does, however, deserve credit and commendation for being the most down-to-earth writer on the subject I have ever read. In the first 30 pages of this book, you’ll have a very clear picture of what Internet gambling is and what you can expect if you decide to wager. He tells it straight and true.

In spite of what’s indicated in the Table of Contents (more on this later), there are three basic areas covered: 1) What is Internet Gambling and how do I do it?; 2) Game and betting analysis; and 3) Tips on choosing a casino, a web site, etc.

I could go into each section in detail but let’s opt for brevity on this one. As much as I praise Brokopp’s approach, I’m afraid to say that if you’ve spent any time at all gambling online, you probably won’t find many surprises in this book. If you’re a total newbie or just getting your feet wet, by all means enjoy. But I can’t say that I learned much, or anything, at least not about Internet gambling.

What I did learn was a whole lot about horse racing, handicapping and the rest of the equestrian scene on the web. Clearly this is Brokopp’s pet subject and I’d bet it’s …

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