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Have you heard about the 4Ps in discussions on marketing? Of course, you have. I can already sense shudders among my dear beloved readers. Not to worry. This article is not another one of those “Death By PowerPoint” lectures that talks about product, price, promotion, and place. Speaking of these four Ps, a lot of marketing professors, students as well as practitioners credit this framework to my friend Philip Kotler. In reality, it was Jerry McCarthy who first spoke of the four Ps when discussing the domain of marketing.

The 4P framework I would like to discuss is “Property Positioning for Profitable Performance.” With the competition in the gaming industry intensifying, how you position your property could make the difference between success and failure, life and death, growth and stagnation. In making such bold claims, I may be getting ahead of myself. Let us first define what we mean by positioning. Quite simply, a brand position is the place your brand occupies in the mind of your target market relative to competitive offerings. In deciding which newspaper to read, which tomato ketchup to have with fries, which car to drive, and which ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล casino to frequent, all customers use their “perceptual maps,” plot diagrams in the head representing the perceptions of positions of the various brands they are aware of. If a customer is buying a toothpaste in a supermarket, her mental map will tell her to buy Crest if she is concerned about cavities, and Close-Up if she values fresh breath.

I have asked the following question of casino marketing directors and general managers scores of times, “What is your property’s positioning statement?” Many times, my question is greeted with a look of baffled embarrassment, particularly on the part of executives at some of the smaller casinos. Yet, …

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