Summer sanghoki Main Event is a huge deal!

Down to 4 in the Summer sanghoki Main Event and all the remaining players decided to make a deal and split the remaining cash, taking home $3,800 each.

All that was left to play for was the glory of the acolade.

The first to go out of that race was bigdoggy1234, he was the shortest stacked by the time the deal was finalized but with the cash secured was happy to be finished. He made a loose call holding Q-4 against Binkii’s all in push with pocket 8’s, no queen came and he was done.

A few hands later and it was heading to the rail. With the money decided the play got downright crazy, Binkii moved all in preflop, holding just 9-5 offsuit, vaidoshis made the easy call with A-K all spades. Unfortunately while it was the right call, it just wasn’t meant to be and Binkii must have channelled some crazy Dolly Parton sprit, with working 9-5 paying off, quite literally when he made trip 9’s.

That left just Binkii and japinha to battle it out for the accolade, japinha was the short stack and pleaded for the accolade in player chat but Binkii made it clear that he wasn’t giving it up, and with the cheap lead he held at that point you would have assumed it was all but his.

Binkii kept the pressure on with several all in calls but came unstuck when he tried to steal japinha’s big blind holding just 5-7 offsuit, japinha had pocket sevens and looked in good shape to move into the chip lead. After watching binkii’s 9-5 come good japinha must have been nervous, but the 7’s were good and japinha was now the chip leader.

Just 4 hands later and it was all over, and for a change for the closing stages of this tournament it was actually 2 solid hands going head to head. In any heads up up match any Ace is solid, and japinha agreed and moved all-in from the small blind with A-6. Binkii was pretty happy to see this and made the simple call with a great hand for that spot with K-Q all diamonds. The flop didn’t agree though, and japinha caught a 6 in an all black flop and with two blank cards on the turn and the river it was all over, and japinha had the accolade.

Congrats to all that took part in the Main Event and don’t miss your chance to take part in the last few championship events in our Summer Championships!

bother big pot for Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang as bet out HUUUGE.

He has raised 10 times the big blind, throwing out 2.5mil preflop.

Chip leader Philip Hilm had him quaking in his boots it seemed going deep in the tank before making the call.

The flop came down A-1o-8.

Philip checked over to Jerry who bet out another 3mil.

The turn brings a 3 and once again Philip checked over to Jerry who moved all in.

Philip lays down his hand and we have a new chip leader…….

In these early stages, Jerry is running over the table.

Early action at the WSOP final table.

Lee Childs raises hard on a 7-4-2 (two clubs) flop only to have Jerry Yang come over the top all in!

Jerry has played 5 hands in the first orbit already, and really has Lee in the tank here.

Both players started the hand with average stacks (12mil.)

Holy Cow!!!!

Lee Childs just laid down POCKET QUEENS!

And Phil Gorden is on his commenting game early, he called the hand well before Lee showed his laydown.

That bumps Jerry to 3rd in the chip count, he has taken down 5 of the first 10 hands.

Tournament of Champions field finalised

The dust has settle on the Summer Championships leaderboard and we have our top 30 for the Tournament of Champions!

Leading pretty much the whole way was fabrab who amassed nearly 1,000 more points than his nearest rival!!!!

The chasing pack has jostled for positions the whole time but a few names like RobinBos, JamesScou, Jester3, and Mada1970 have been popping up constantly. One name I don’t remember seeing much of was ghostofachance, but since he has ended up in 3rd place he must have been doing well!

There are a couple more Championship events over the next couple of days, then on Sunday the top 30 players from the leaderboard will battle it out for that first place prize of a trip to the Aussie Millions in Melbourne!

You can check out the full leaderboard as well as what events are remaining on the Summer Champs page!

Good luck to all the finalists, may the best man or woman win!