How To Lose Your Online Poker Bankroll – 15 Easy Steps

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Forget for a moment that the “make online poker illegal” crew is active again, raising their collective ugly head. Some people are still playing. John helped me put together a quick primer on how to lose your money fast. It’s a collection of tips based on some of the things John has already learned this year and that I am learning. If you’re a newbie, you should heed this advice. We’re focusing on online Limit Texas Hold’em, but most of the anti-tips apply. Thanks John, for contributing.

(1) Don’t pay attention to the game. Watch TV at the same time, or talk to friends or text chat with other players.

(2) Don’t pay attention, part 2. Don’t take notes on your poker games. As Kerry Mann points out in the article linked to, taking notes on all of your games helps you avoid making the same errors. Kerry averages about $43/hour in online poker profits.

(3) Play every single hand, no matter how bad. Phil Hellmuth calls this type of poker player a jackal.

(4) Play hands randomly, or bet amounts randomly. If you’re just playing for fun or human company, stick to the home games with buddies. At least you can commiserate with people you know.

(5) Go into a poker room with all of your money at the same time. I never take in more than 25-50% of my present bankroll.

(6) Ignore the odds on your hand. This kind of goes with steps 3 + 4 above. Some hands just shouldn’t be played, unless you are playing No Limit, and are in a tournament. But that’s not whate we’re talking about. If you want help with calculating your odds, read the articles about card odds on this site, and/or download your copy of Pokerbility software, compatible with several poker rooms. In fact, if you’re signed up with one of the accepted rooms, the software is free.

(7) Play non-stop without food or breaks. Texas Hold’em in particular is a game of mostly logic and skill, as are other poker games. You do need to give your brain a break.

(8) Get greedy. Win a lot a money and think that you’re invincible. You either end up playing too long and losing money, or getting cocky and playing bad hands. If you want to make money, take your profits and losses and move on to another game. Treat it like a business, and, in the words of Kenny Rogers, know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.

(9) Get greedy, part 2. Play multiple games at once. Before you’re ready. There are a couple of advanced players out there who have two or more large computer screens with multiple games going at the same time. They actually turn a profit. But they are at the stage where they can do this. Pay attention to your current, single game, then work up to multiples.

(10) Go on tilt.. It happens so predictably, it’s frightening. If you lose a big chunk of your stack in one bad hand, don’t go all in with the remainder on the next hand. It is possible to recover from a big hit—if I can do it, you can, too. Take stock and use your brain, not your frustration.

(11) Take it personally. Yes, when an opponent bets the exact amount of your stack, he or she is targeting you.  Don’t rise to the bait; big-stacked players like to play mop-up.  Patiently build your stack and wait until you have something viable before going up against them.

(12) Play the remarkably-rising pre-flop lottery.  The worst possible odds are pre-flop odds. If anyone bets big pre-flop, they may have a great pair, or an A-K suited . . . who knows? But a pair of aces loses to three twos, and it often isn’t ‘til the river before a given hand’s winner is truly decided. visitez le site

(13) Get sidetracked (or, take it personally, part 2).  If you think someone’s bluffing, it’s quite possible; bluffing’s one of the best ways to increase your stack.  But don’t bet on it. If you have a pair, there’s a flush draw on the table, and your opponent is betting like mad, there’s an excellent chance your opponent has a flush.  Don’t bet all your chips trying to ‘out’ a bluffer, or you may find yourself an ‘observer’ instead of a player.

(14) Hold on to that wonderful hand. A great mixed straight is beaten by the lowest flush. Even if you have an A,K,Q,J and 10 (clubs and spades), if four hearts are on the table, you have most likely lost. By all means, check, but betting hard here would be suicide.

(15) Take an opponent’s advice.

Hoping you can benefit by NOT following the above advice in bold. If you are in the US, enjoy your poker while you can and hope that things won’t be like Prohibition in the early part of last century.