CATS is a unique and inspirational musical; a blend of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music, T S Eliot’s poems and the creative talents of Trevor Nunn, Gillian Lynne and John Napier. CATS first appeared on the London stage in 1981 and went on to become the longest running musical both in the West End and on Broadway.

The cats gather together for the Jellicle Ball, and one by one tell their stories for the entertainment of Old Deuteronomy. Despite interruption from Macavity, the
mystery cat, the cats end their celebration with the journey of one of their number to the Heavyside Layer.

The magic of CATS makes it an ideal inspiration for classroom activity. This pack offers a range of activities to introduce your pupils to the story and characters of CATS before seeing the show, plus indepth background information, follow up activity ideas and useful resources.

The Pack is generally aimed at pupils from Key Stage Two and Three, but can be adapted for any age or ability. The Pack is fully photocopiable for classroom use. Please click PDF to download the complete pack.