A return to Domino QQ

Domino QQ

A nice return for a few hours trading but should have been nearer the £200 mark. I messed up on the last match i did turning around £70 each result when the odds were evens to £20. You can’t knock that Ancic – the bloke just never gives up. Cracking week for him so far and he could make the top 10 for the first time.

I know, I know, it’s sad as fuck but the fact is I love Big Brother. Or rather I love trading on it. It’s gets derided on the Betfair forums but the truth is it’s one of the top trading events of the year. In fact when Nadia won Big Brother 4 and Jason came second to clinch the top man spot I pocketed my biggest ever win on a single event. I won’t go into detailed figures on that but it was a five figure sum.

So you can see how I’m kind of excited about the opening Domino QQ show tonight. To be honest I won’t be putting in the kind of time needed for that kind of return this year. Too many other things on this summer to justify the time and I don’t want to tie much money up on it. And the edges I used to have are slowly being eroded and it’s getting harder to find new ones. I won’t be touching it with the account I’m using for this blog but I will be dipping in and out of it and am looking forward to it immensely.

Anyway, another dip into the tennis yielded close to £30 today. Can’t complain. And it all adds up for the big day next year.

Another day of dipping in and out of matches at opportune times. Got a bit of work on at the moment so happy to keep the green ticking over at this kind of rate while spending some time looking after the taxman.

Couldn’t believe Arsenal’s reaction to the Champions League result. No humility what so ever. All the referee’s fault apparently. Nothing to do with a cheating goalkeeper at all. I actually started out as a neutral but kind of hoping they would win. After the foul, disallowed goal, sending off and the dive that led to the freekick that enabled Arsenal to take the lead I switched allegiances. Justice was done.

Got a fair amount to do this week but will be dipping into the tennis tournament in Hamburg. Clay is the surface I like least with my style of tennis trading but it should still help save a few pennies so will be dipping into the best looking matches. Got involved in a few today for varying amounts of time and turned a reasonable profit.